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about our artists:

davecore (geneva - ch/es) - /
DaveCore is now a 3X-year old spanish man born in Geneva (Switzerland). He was the first to release an EP on kône but is also one of the founding members of the label.

Influenced by the music of the 80's, computers and his brother's music, he started playing music with one of the first Casio keyboards. He immediately started to replay music from Kraftwerk and other 80' s artists, with no other purpose than having a good time...The production virus was activated by playing acoustic and electronic drums in various local bands, from jazz, rock to gothic techno. By adding keyboards and drum boxes to his little studio, he started his first homemade music.

After years of sharing instruments and studios with many essential friends, the first EP was finally conceived on Kône records in 2001. This highly productive guy has recorded over 300 tracks in 2001. the run! EP has been very well received worldwide by the musical community in countries such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the US and Japan… His second EP was released in 2002 and was just as successful as the first one.

In parallel to his producing activities, DaveCore has been contributing as a “megamixer” for the IF's CBS. He has also been making some DJ appearances since his early days. Our hyperactive man also regularly takes part in the kône radio show on as well as in parties where he is playing live with kône DJ's... 

discography on kône records:
kone001 - davecore - Run! "EP"
kone002 - davecore - Cyprine "EP"

the trestristestigres (barcelona - es) - metalik music 

The Trestristestigres were formed in the summer of 1998 by Christian Ruiz, Jordi Carreras (dj Gore) and Carlos Fraile with the purpose of experimentation and development in electronic music.
Main influencies such as “Intelligent techno” and Kraftwerk were the starting point for composing and producing their first album “Oui Nous Sommes Trois” on Satélite K (in 2000) which was nominated as one of the best album records by the indie musical press of Spain.
After two years of working in the studio, the band stayed in contact with european electronic labels and Kône records (Switzerland). The third label release titled "Sea and Cables" E.P. featured some distinctive electro-techno stuff.

discography on kône records:
kone003 - trestristestigres - "sea & cables EP"

scape one (uk) -
Widely recognized as the new "enfant terrible" of the Electro world, Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One has been making real waves in the Electro world. most of their released tracks were supported by the likes of Keith Tenniswood, Laurent Garnier, Plump DJ’s and Andy Weatherall. They have received amazing reviews in iDJ mag and in Muzik. Kurt has been busy DJing both nationally and internationally. the year of the release of his LP on kone, he performed on a set at Holland’s Dance Valley in August and New York's renowned Static in November.

You can find "traces" (release and co-production) of scape one quite everywhere in the electro world. This prolific artist lives for electro! He worked on releases for Electro outfit, Mass Transit, World Electric, Blue Juice, Emoticon, Electrix, Satamile, Templedog, Remote Audio, Toytronic, Trust, SCSI-AV, Foundation Research, Tomorrow, Transparent Sound, Donali, Hydrogen Dukebox and so on...

discography on kône records:
kone004 - scape one - "the future... it will never be the same LP"

staubsauger (zurich - ch) - -
Staubsauger (Martin Wigger) is a music project between popular melodies and abstract grooves . It's popmusic with influences from electro, 8o's, minimal and ambient. The project has no limits at all. Everything is possible. The only important thing is that the sound is danceable.

discography on kône records:
kone005 - staubsauger - "crac EP"

bytecon (be) - - satamile rec. 
Opbrouck Stijn, born in Belgium in 1976, was influenced by the industrial sounds of Front 242 & Nitzer Ebb. His most typical elements became dark fat synths, bass, guitars, samples, vocoder voices and robotic electro rhythms, creating a strong dark driven electro sound. Bytecon, also known as Stijn, is a familiar name within the Belgium and hot Amsterdam Electro scene, originally a guitar and bass player, now as Bytecon has been already sighted performing on fests among artists like Andrew Weatherhall, Bass Junkies, Mocky, Silicon Scally, Satamile DJ, Decal, ao.

This belgian citizen appeared on kône records with 5 rocking electro tracks, full of strong demanding basslines, forward beats and melodic structures to rock the discotech!

discography on kône records:
kone006 - bytecon - "botworx EP"

luke eargoggle (gothenburg - se) - - stilleben records 
Raised with all kinds of acoustic music and Oldschool, luke was hit with electro like a tornado and with Egyptian lover and others in the mid 80´s. After listening to that music and painting Graffiti for years, other interests came in the way and the electro misson was almost forgotten … But then in 1997, a friend of his went to the USA to study and left his studio at Eargoggles house. “Use it if you like” he said - and so he did. After some producing and experimenting for some time, electro came back like a blast from the past. 

Today he lives in Sweden, Gothenburg, in a house near the sea where he can be left alone to do what he´s meant to do. Eargoggle is a designed vision from brain to black shiney plastic vinyl…During the year of 2005, more music was made in the same direction/studio but still with the drive to explore more than what was made before in Electro music and v/a styles.. 

discography on kône records:

kone007 - luke eargoggle - "the return of my style EP"